Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Netflix Instant: TV & Movie Picks- En Español!

Javi here with a terribly delayed Netflix column. Let's blame the long weekend or something. But, this week I wanted to highlight some great Spanish titles that are on Netflix! All come very highly recommended and are not for the "I don't want to read my movies" types.

I love the premise of this in the way that it uses Mexico's landscape as a creepy set up for a murder mystery. It deal with a police commander trying to find out what is going on after a number of corpses start showing up under the salt marshes. 

I first saw this drama when I was way to young to actually appreciate it and I'm glad it's easily accessible on Netflix. Considering my growing interest in food, this movie, about a woman channelling her passion into making delicious dishes, is perfect to revisit. 

The movie that inspired the column. This amazing movie by Alex Jorodowsky is something that just needs to be seen. Bizarre, dark, bloody and all around gorgeous, if I had known about this movie, I could've said that this is proabably one of my favorite movies of all times. I'd rather not describe the plot too much since it kind of gets a  little crazy, just trust me on this one.

That's it for this middle of the week, guys. Watch for Jonesy's column in a couple of days.

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