Friday, August 24, 2012

Netflix Instant: Cool TV and Movie Picks- Back to School Edition

So it's the end of summer for me. I'm a teacher, and I've been back in the classroom this week with the kids showing up bright and early Monday morning. So, for my picks this week I have two that feature child actors, and one that makes me laugh and will help me get through this week. 

Not a perfect film, but it has wonderful nostalgia for anyone who's a fan of the Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment films. It's a fun walk down your childhood when kids went outside and created things with their imagination. Check out my review here.

I heard about this Australian series on our Alamo Drafthouse Media tour (here's part one and part two of that adventure). I'm a sucker for anything dance related, and I spent this summer obsessing over Bunheads. This series follows a girl, Tara, as she auditions and makes the National Academy of Dance.  Some of the dialogue is a little cheesy, but I have really enjoyed some of the dance sequences and characters. 

Finally! One of my favorite comedies from the past few years is now streaming. Forget the 2010 remake, the original has the English dry sense of humor and wit. If you're a fan of English comedy, check it out immediately. 

That's it for me this week. And here's to another great school year!

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