Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Stream the Jonny Greenwood score for THE MASTER now!

Javi here. If you're at all into movies, you've been anticipating the release of the next Paul Thomas anderson movie, THE MASTER, his first movie since 2007's THERE WILL BE BLOOD. The movie deals with a not-Scientology-like of cult surrouding a not-L. Ron Hubbard-like character in a suspiciously similar time frame. As much as I want to see the movie, I am also interested a lot in the soundtrack. The director is working once again with Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood and I am happy to say that thanks to Paste Magazine, we have word that the album is now streaming ahead of its actual release. go listen to the soundtrack here on Spotify!

I particularly like Greenwood's scores becuase he is someone that has always grown and gotten more profificent in compositions and layers within Radiohead. It's interesting that someone that can fill stadiums has been quoted to say that he gets a bigger thrill from composing and directing an orchestra than playing art-rock. Look for a full review of the soundtrack from me before Fantastic Fest.

THE MASTER comes out on September 21st. It is directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and stars Philip Seymour, Joaquin Phoenix, and Amy Adams.

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