Monday, October 22, 2012

The HOLY MOTORS trailer strangely sums up the movie well

HOLY MOTORS is one of those strange movies where the hype is well deserved. This movie premiered back in March at the Cannes festival, and I was lucky enough to see it during Fantastic Fest. While I haven't written a review for it, I will admit that this is becoming my favorite theatrically released movie of the year. It's beautiful and baffling all at the same time. It's a movie where you know the director knew exactly how to enact his vision on screen. In the trailers for movies that are as ambitious as this, the marketing is usually very misleading, but in this instance I'm surprised how good of a job it does at hinting at the larger themes of the movie while trying to be accessible. Check out the trailer below.

HOLY MOTORS is directed by Leos Carax and stars Denis Lavant, Édith Scob, Eva Mendes, and Kylie Minouge. It expands to national theaters on November 2nd and will be playing at the Magnolia in Dallas on November 17th.

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