Friday, November 9, 2012

Netflix Instant TV & Movie Picks: TV Shows to marathon the hell out of

Now that Halloween is over, we unfortunately have to deal with Christmas. I don't know about you guys, but I kind of dislike this whole season if only because everything from grocery stores, to the mall, and even movie theaters are so packed because people are shopping or need a break from shopping. Because of this, I have a tendency of being a shut-in during the holidays which is why I was thinking this would be a great theme for a column. All of these shows are great and just feel like the type of shows that you just HAVE to marathon through a whole weekend sparing you both sunlight and huge crowds when you're out and about. 

Seriously, this is one of my favorite shows out right now. I'm pretty sure the target audience is younger girls, but it's so incredibly cheesy I can't help but love it. Dealing with the town of "Storybrooke," a woman, Emma, is found by her son who she gave up for adoption. He goes on to tell her that she is the savior of this sleepy town where every inhabitant is actually a fairy tale character, but they just can't remember who they are.

Hagrid being a complete asshole and a brilliant crime psychologist. What else do you need to know? I know, it seems all brilliant British crime solvers are assholes, but Robbie Coltrane nails it. 

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a bad ass. Listening to the Nerdist podcast, he seems to come up pretty often, and I can see why. Now that PBS and other public television channels aren't in danger of being cancelled by evil Mormons, let's celebrate by watching some of the incredibly interesting and educating programs. Even though it's only one episode, this is technically part of a series, which you can see a full list here.

That's it for me, folks. See you in a couple of weeks!

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