Friday, November 9, 2012

WORLD WAR Z Trailer Drops Crazy Zombies in Your Backyard

I never took Brad Pitt as an actor who was itching to make a zombie apocalypse movie, but I there's a first time for everything. However, for WORLD WAR Z, I'm sure he was drawn to the project because of the material it's based off of. Max Brook's book (of the same name) chronicles, through a series of short stories, the history of a zombie apocalypse through the eyes of a member of the United Nations Postwar Commission. The book has a hardcore following, so of course the movie adaptation comes with some skepticism.

Check the trailer after the break

Now I haven't read the book, though I am putting it on my list now. However, based off some reviews I read of the book, the film seems to diverge to just telling one man's story. The trailer doesn't feel like anything super unique that adds to the zombie apocalypse genre. Sure having a zombie chase and jump at you from a building a bit frightening, but this trailer left me with an overall "meh" feeling.

WORLD WAR Z will be released June 21, 2013, directed by Marc Forster and stars Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Matthew Fox, Bryan Cranston, and David Morse. 

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