Monday, December 31, 2012

Disappointments of 2012: Jonesy Edition!

As much as we hope for an awesome and perfect year of films where all movies meet and/or exceed our expectations, the disappointments are inevitable. When compiling my list, I realized that, in the end, a film will disappointment me if the story isn't there. I can handle wishy-washy characters, shoddy dialogue, and even mediocre directing, but if the story is uneven and poorly written, I'm less forgiving. 

So for better or worse, here, in no particular order, are my disappointments for 2012:

At least the film was pretty. That's about the extent of praise I can give it. This film had everything going for it: director Ridley Scott revisiting his ALIENS world, stellar cast, and script by Damon Lindelof. Okay, that last one is up for debate, but LOST was an overall great show. However, Scott took the less is more approach to the script, and ended up with major plot holes instead of mystery and intrigue. I could delve for forever of the problems of PROMETHEUS, but this video explains it for me (SPOILERS obviously):

I never thought Pixar would be the type to sell out, but between CARS 2 and this film, they proved me wrong. Instead of adding another notch to their impeccable film history, Pixar just shelled out a lackluster film so Disney could market a new "princess". The story had its moments, but fell apart and ended with the wrong message. Even the red flowing hair of Merida and the rolling Scottish scenery couldn't save the film. Also, there was way too much potty humor for a Pixar film. You're better than that.

I non-ironically really love the STEP UP franchise. I enjoyed the first film and loved how with each sequel, they find new ways to integrate different styles of dance. Also, for me, it's a who's who of spotting So You Think You Can Dance alum. However, the latest just didn't hold up to the rest. The story was weak, the characters were annoying, and I know it's been said, but don't give me two movies full of Moose, and then only have him show up in the final dance sequence in this film.

Okay. I didn't hate this film. It was very well made, and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole aesthetic of the world. Even though the film focuses on the relationship of a boy with his dog, the subplot touched on some deep themes of science vs. small town mentality, but the script never fully develops that concept. Instead it just ends up playing on nostalgia, which I bought into and enjoyed for a bit, but has one of the cheapest and wimpiest endings I've seen this year. At first I was so mad that Tim Burton would go that route for the ending, and then I remembered it's Disney, so I'm just left with disappointment.

Phew. I realize this last one could be controversial, but hey, this is my list. Keep a look out for our top ten of the year and most anticipated of 2013!


  1. You watched Step Up: Revolution? Sweet Jesus...

    1. Yes...I will always watch any of the Step Up films. Guilty pleasure.