Sunday, December 30, 2012

Netflix Instant TV & Movie Picks: Year in Review Edition

So now that the year is ending, I figured it'd be a great time to look back at some of the cooler movies and TV shows I've seen on Netflix Instant that have NOT been highlighted in columns past. Now, to preface, none of these are necessarily movies or shows that have come out in the year, but there's nice gems that range from all genres in my opinion.  Check them out below!

So Aziz Ansari is mostly known for his RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANDY persona from FUNNY PEOPLE or as Tom from Parks and Recreation. His stand up act is a slightly muted version of both of those characters. It's not that shitty Marc Maron/"Oh I'm super depressed and that's why I tell jokes" type of humor that seems to be going around nowadays, and I love it.

A cliched romantic comedy plot that is elevated by the chemistry that David Tennant and Kelly MacDonald share on screen. Tennant's fiance is a famous actress is running away from the paparazzi during her wedding. So they do the only sane thing; they go to a Scottish Island and use Kelly MacDonald to fool the press while the real wedding goes down. I'm also a sucker for anything that takes place in Scotland, so that might be part of my bias.

I have never truly been a fan of Tim and Eric, mostly because I have never done enough drugs to justify watching them. The movie, however, was seriously a fun and messed up time as long as you allow yourself to get immersed in the weirdness. If there's something that threw me off about this movie is how normal the absurdest humor seemed to me.

This was a powerfully moving movie about family drama that doesn't get annoying and that just happens to have MMA fighting. Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy along with Nick Nolte put on some of the best performances I have seen. By the end of the movie, I have to admit it was getting a little dusty.

And a special non-Netflix bonus, we have:

This was one of my favorite things that I saw during Fantastic Fest. It's an amazing TV show that harkens back to the 60's spy shows. It deals with a group of international spies that are constantly on the hunt for Hitler. Their commander is that crazy eagle you see up top. There's Nazi dinosaurs, underwater cities, and damn good drink recipes. It's fun, insane, and I really wish more people would see it.

That's it folks! So in the upcoming days, we will be releasing our disappointments  surprises and favorite movie of the year lists.

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