Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Most Anticipated Movies of 2013: Javi Edition

This is just a short list of movies that I'm looking forward to next year. It's not that comprehensive but these should be great fun unless they completely mess them up. The theme of this new year is definitely  "bad ass directors that finally have movies coming out after a long hiatus." Check out my picks below.

Another follow up, this time from Neil Blompkamp, the director of DISTRICT 9. Once again looking to tackle some allegorical social class issues, the movie stars Matt Damon as a man trying to break into a super exclusive space station for the rich people of Earth to save his life.

 This poor movie has been pushed around like a nerd in a school ground, and it's a damn shame. It looks like it will be a damn good time at the movies originally slated to have come out over the summer, it was pushed back due to the tragedy in Aurora. The cast looks solid, and the story, while it seems like it's been done before, looks like it could work as long as the chemistry with the actors is there. The only thing I'm worried about is Sean Penn. At least from the trailers, it seems like he'll be doing one liners and yelling a lot.

This COULD have been in my top 2012 movies, instead it will probably be in my 2013 unless they mess this up. This looks to be a vast improvement from the second movie in terms of design for the Cobra Commander costume and hopefully the story should be a lot more interesting. I think that using the Zartan plot line as a stepping stone for the sequel was the right idea, and I hope that this will be a fun time at the movies.

2007 was an amazing year for me since three well regarded Mexican directors all made 3 amazing movies. Now the director of one of the best HARRY POTTER movies and CHILDREN OF MEN, Alfonso Cuaron, is coming out with this highly delayed movie. Once again, I don't know much about the movie, mostly out of wanting to remain surprised, but it has George Clooney and Sandra Bullock as astronauts trying to survive in isolation in space after an accident.

Goth Jessica Chastian, Jamie Lannister, and a horror movie produced by Guillermo Del Toro is all the excuse I need. Children are creepy but overbearing supernatural moms are probably creepier.

Keeping in mind that I think that Superman is super boring as a character and I've not been a fan of the movies, I'm interested in this one for the sole purpose of seeing how they pull off the character. There's a lot riding in this movie for everyone involved and just because I actually care about the DC universe, I actually want it to succeed. Whether it's anything good or not is a completely different thing. 

Kaijus! Robits! Guillermo Del Toro!

The follow up by Shane Caruth, the director of PRIMER one of my favorite movies of all time is coming out with a new movie. I'm still not sure exactly what the hell it is nor do I really want to. This is one where I will try to avoid as many spoilers as I possibly can. The visual style of the movie definitely seems to be a step up from PRIMER.

Edgar Wright, Nick Frost, and Simon Pegg have gotten together to finish their Three Flavours Cornetto/Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy. The movie deals with a group of friends trying to recreate a crazy pub crawl from back in their youth.

This was one of the reasons why I will now be choosing movies over events at Fantastic Fest. It was only screened once during the 2011 iteration, and since Lionsgate is an asshole, they have been holding on to it and not releasing it until later this year, almost two years later. I hear it's an amazing horror movie along the lines of THE LOVED ONES from people that I trust and I can't wait to see it myself.

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