Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Most Anticipated Films of 2013: Jonesy Edition

Cheers everyone! I don't know about you, but I am very ready for what films 2013 is going to bring. Looks as if there will be the fair share of the popcorn blockbusters (IRON MAN 3, STAR TREK INTO THE DARKNESS, THOR: THE DARK WORLD), but there are some others out there that I am equally excited for. No surprise that my list is full of sci-fi films, but my list also weirdly has two films with Harrison Ford.

Check it out!

I enjoy a good sports biopic. Thankfully I've had the ESPN's 30 for 30 to keep my happy over the past couple years. What better topic for a sports film than documenting Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier for baseball? Just based on the trailer, Harrison Ford looks as if he's going for a different type of character rather than the gruff old man.

This might be THE movie everyone will be talking about until it's released. Guillermo Del Toro has created our dream movie that we only could conceive of in make believe as kids. Giant robots battle giant aliens? Yes, please!

After being postponed for a bit, I'm stoked that this film is getting its release this summer. I was not a fan of the book in high school, but I am a fan of the colorful worlds that Baz Lurhmann creates in his films. Not completely sold on why this film has to be in 3D, but the more I see the trailer, the more intrigued I become.

For his first feature, Neil Blomkamp surprised me with DISTRICT 9. Now, his sophomore feature will stay with the sci-fi genre, and the plot will delve into the battle between the wealthy and poor. Could be controversial, but I'm expecting something great.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost reuniting with director Edgar Wright in a sci-fi comedy? I think my geek brain just exploded.

This terrifying film was all I heard about from Fantastic Fest a couple years ago. It was supposed to screen twice, but after Lionsgate acquired it for distribution, the second screening got pulled. Needless to say, it was the film to get into. Apparently, it was worth it. Now, this horror film is finally getting its due in the theatres, and I know next to nothing about it except the premise. Like CABIN IN THE WOODS in 2012, I plan on staying as far away from trailers, clips, and reviews as possible until I see it. 

I read this book last year, and if the filmmakers can translate most of the cooler aspects of the book, then we'll be in something spectacular. Thankfully, they cast one of the most talented working kids today, Asa Butterfield, to take on the title role. No doubt this could become the next young adult film series we see over the next few years.

Shakespeare. Can't really go wrong with the greatest playwright ever. But you add Joss Whedon as director, and the cast are all faces from Whedon's other projects? Sounds awesome, and I cannot wait to see Whedon's perspective on the Beatrice and Benedict relationship.

What movies are you looking forward to?

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