Monday, March 4, 2013

For Funsies: AFOL - A Blocumentary

If you look at my Instagram feed, you know I've been into those Lego minifigs. They're so much fun, and they're amazing for taking goofy pictures for strangers on the Internet to appreciate. It just so happens that I came across a cool little documentary from the official Lego YouTube page.

It's about AFOLs, who are Adult Fan of Legos. My good friend, Deefuzz, tweeted about the first of four parts of the documentary on Twitter. Unfortunately, the documentary is not embeddable so check out the whole thing by following these four links: Part 1Part 2Part 3, and Part 4 . (EDIT: Thanks to my best friend, Damon, I have the link for the full documentary over at Vimeo.)

Now that you're done watching the short. I have to say I  really enjoyed it as a small snapshot of the sociological aspects of being an adult toy collector. If you notice, a lot of the guys that are interviewed in the doc are always a little defensive of their hobby. They seem to need to justify it to themselves that they're doing this for themselves and not anyone else. I don't see why they would even need to justify it.

I personally find these people fascinating in the sheer creativity they have with this hobby. I can only imagine what would happen if they were engineers and architects. To say that the See people are committed and enthusiastic is an understatement and it's amazing to see that in this cynical Internet of ours


  1. You can also watch in it one video on Vimeo here...