Monday, April 1, 2013

Jonesy's Most Anticipated DIFF 2013 Films

We're just a couple days away from the 2013 Dallas International Film Festival. This festival is getting bigger every year, and as always, the programmers offer up a plethora of new and classic film screenings. One aspect I always enjoy about this specific festival is that it is a work-friendly festival. Most of the screenings during the week happen after the work day ends, so you don't have to worry about taking vacation days. I'm ready to be surprised by the films I will see, and here are five that I'm most looking forward to.

If you click on the links of the films, they will take you to their DIFF site where you can find information on screening times, locations, and tickets.

I talked about 42 when we wrote our most anticipated films of the year. I grew up with baseball, and I'm a sucker for sports films. It's shocking that it's taken over 60 years for another film about Jackie Robinson to be made. I have no doubt this film will hit all the right emotional beats with sweeping music, but nevertheless, I'm still very excited. Also, the trailer shows Harrison Ford in an actual character role, which will be a treat to see him use his acting chops rather than just being the the gruff, old man in thriller films.

I've heard pretty fantastic rumblings about this film. Even though TAKE SHELTER had some story issues, I really enjoyed Jeff Nichols' direction. Now, he's back for MUD and has Matthew McConaughey for the lead. I'm glad McConaughey is breaking away from his sappy Rom-Com roles and taking on more dramatic characters. This film sounds intense and engaging, and I'm very excited to see it. 

Reading the description of this film reminded me a lot of I DECLARE WAR, which ended up being my favorite film at Fantastic Fest last year. The coming of age story has been done to death, but this one looks quite charming. Plus, it has the ever charming Nick Offerman, Alison Brie, and Megan Mulally in supporting roles.

I'm afraid to see this film. I know that it will shed light on all those policy agreements we have to agree to if we want to share pictures of our cats and food on a daily basis. But what do we actually agree to? I've never read a full terms and conditions agreement in my life. So, did I just sign away my left kidney to Facebook? I just hope this documentary doesn't end up being a crazed conspiracy theory movie with a hidden agenda.

I really enjoy documentaries that pull the curtain about an issue or secret. This film takes a look at the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), who are a secret and elite fighting force with in the United States. These men don't "exist" on paper and carry out covert missions including having a kill list which could include US citizens.

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