Friday, July 12, 2013

Netflix Instant T.V. and Movie Picks

Guys. There's a fantastic movie coming out this weekend called PACIFIC RIM. Maybe you've heard of it? Do yourself a favor and go see it. Right now. I'll wait. 

Okay good you're back. Now that you've seen that greatness, I have some Netflix choices for you to get you through the rest of your weekend.

Don't get this one confused with the 2010 version with Chris Rock. This is the original that has all the charm and comedy you're looking for. It's a great ensemble cast, and the antics will have you laughing your head off. 

I heard about this film from a friend, and how he described it was, "It's the Benny Lava guy in a dance movie!" Sold. Plus, it features Lauren from So You Think You Can Dance. Again, sold! 

Finally this has made it to Instant! Even though the series took a few episodes to find it's footing, this has become one of the sitcoms that I look forward to every week. Now, you can catch up on season one and bask in the magic that is Schmidt. 

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