Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sneak Peek to Upcoming Events for Alamo DFW

The Alamo Drafthouse Richardson opening is merely days away. It's weird seeing that in print, but it's true! Not only does Dallas now get to bask in great food and craft beer when we watch movies, but we get to enjoy something that's always been unique to the's programming. The Drafthouse has been a trendsetter of showing not only first run films but always having a varied selections of memorable events and repertoire 35mm films. There are some exciting programming coming up, and the fellas of Drafthouse Richardson shared some insight.

Each Drafthouse has follows a programming package from Austin which is always captured brilliantly in a montage shown before each film, so no matter which Drafthouse you go to that month, you can find that set of films. Each month is centered around a first run film being released, for August, it's THE WORLD'S END. Then each specific Drafthouse programs other films to go along with the theme of that month. "We really have the chance to make ourselves our own Alamo," Creative Programmer James Wallace explains, "and make ourselves a destination Alamo that would make people down in Austin come up here." The monthly magazine, Birth, Movies, Death, will feature articles, interviews, retrospective pieces, and features all the monthly programming. The magazine will be available online and in the lobby of every Drafthouse.

"Alamo is known of our alternative programming," says Bill DiGaetano, COO of Alamo DFW, "but people forget that 80% of our programming is first run films." With the first fun films, food and drink specials will be programmed along with the movie, and therefore, each film will have its own unique spin. In terms of food, there is a static menu that will stay the same. Then there will be seasonal food specials that Austin head chef will create that will be available.  For August to go along with THE WORLD'S END and the pub lifestyle, bar manager Dusty Patek, lists off the first rotators to go along with the extensive 32 drafts offered already:

  • Drafts: Well's Banana Bread Ale, Well's Bombardier, Belhaven Wee Heavy, and Belhaven Twisted Thistle.
  • Bottled: Old Speckled Hen (nitro can), Wychwood Hop Goblin, Samuel Smith Taddy Poter, Samuel Smith Pale Ale, Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale, Samuel Smith IPA, Fuller's Extra Special Bitters, and, a Wdyms favorite, Young's Double Chocolate Stout (nitro can).

Drafthouse has always been a supporter of local businesses by using local food and drinks as much as possible. At the bar attached to the theatre, Glass Half Full, you will have the chance to order special drinks and be able to enjoy any part of the Drafthouse food menu. And stay in the lookout for meet the brewer nights for local breweries featured at the Drafthouse.

Some other special events to look forward to are the quote-alongs and sing-alongs. The sing-alongs is basically a group karaoke session with the entire theatre singing at the top of their lungs with props while music videos are playing, and you follow the bouncy ball along the lyrics. Two upcoming sing-alongs this month will be The Scream & Shout Top 40s Sing-Along, which will feature top music on the radio right now, and then the Semi-Charmed Kind Of 90s Sing-Along, which is a chance to get back to your 90s alternative roots and sing with Oasis and some Blowfish. To go along with WORLD'S END, there will be a quote-along to SHAUN OF THE DEAD, where, yes, you can yell at the screen and interact with props along with the movie without the fear of being kicked out of the theatre. 

Random fun tidbits:
  • September's programming will revolve around 'Back to School' theme. 
  • The 1st and 3rd biggest screens will house the 35mm projectors. 
  • This location has the three biggest screens and three largest houses in Alamo history.
  • There will be a monthly horror movies similar to Terror Tuesday.
  • This location will create its own food/drink events where you can watch a film and have a full course meal as part of the experience. Check out the epic LORD OF THE RINGS feast that always sells out in Austin to get an idea of what look forward to.
  • A tattoo artist will be on hand in the lobby giving real tattoos to commiserate THE WORLD'S END.
  • There has been an order placed by the programming team for pyrotechnics.
It's all becoming official in a few days when the Alamo opens its doors. Tickets for the soft opening and opening weekend events are now available! Hurry and grab yours because most of the events are close to selling out. There are so many great events coming up that the Drafthouse wanted to offer an exclusive to movie lovers. If you go to, you can purchase an Alamo gift worth $30 for only $20! So that's $30 worth of tickets, food, and drinks for the only $20. Check out the video below for details.

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