Friday, November 1, 2013

Netflix Instant TV and Movie Picks

Halloween has come and gone, and we hope that your Halloween night was filled with ghostly goodness, creative costumes, and plenty of candy. So, if you can pull yourself out of your sugar coma this weekend, here are some random, yet awesome, picks for you to enjoy as you recover from All Hallows' Eve.

My cohort and I were split on our review of the first V/H/S. But now, the creators are back with a second anthology and have fixed many of the problems that kept the first one from being great. As always, the found footage aspect is back again, much to my glee, and there is one particular segment that could easily be made into a full-length horror film. 

We are huge fans of Aziz here. His stand-ups are quite hilarious and very quotable. This is his most recent show, and when we saw this live in Dallas, we were shocked at how "adult" his set ended up being. At first, it was a little jarring because he didn't bring up his normal anecdotes about R. Kelly or his cousin Harrison, but the show was still hilarious. It was nice to see a comic try (and succeed) at bringing a comedic perspective at serious topics, like marriage and having kids.

This poor series was never given it's full due. A typical fish-out-of-water girl ends up rooming with a tough-exterior yet kind hearted New Yorker in a modern take of an Odd Couple. It sounds predictable, but the show managed to create fun characters with solid comedic stories. Also, James Van Der Beek plays a version of "himself", and he's worth watching this series.

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