Friday, November 15, 2013

Netflix Instant TV and Movie Picks

Maybe it's just me, but I feel like Netflix is starting to get more and more awesome movies each week. Each one of my picks this week is something I either really enjoyed in the theatre or a film that I would pay on-demand prices for. But thankfully, they're streaming!

Having just seen MOONRAKER for the first time this week, my appreciation for the James Bond series has grown. It's a daunting task to come into an established series and try to bring something new. Though SKYFALL isn't my favorite of the new Bond films, it's visually the most stunning and has one of the more interesting antagonists. Plus, it's hard to resist Adele's theme song. 

I've heard very polarizing opinions of this film. Director Nicolas Winding Refn is back with his BFF Ryan Gosling, after their success with DRIVE, with another dark and very bloody film. If anything, everything I've read say that the film is visually fantastic, but the story and violence could be a turn off.  

As a beer connoisseur, I know that whatever knowledge I hold is nothing compared to the experts. And if I thought beer experts knew a lot, it's almost nothing compared to the wine experts that try to become a Master Sommelier. The test is usually taken three or four times by candidates before they pass. This documentary follows four candidates as they put their lives and relationships basically on hold as they study for countless hours and put themselves through grueling prep work. 

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