Sunday, March 9, 2014

Netflix Instant: Movie & TV Picks - Underrated Disney Edition!

Lately, I've been working long hours and haven't been able to go out a lot, so that's made me get in a moved where I want to watch some harmless, and not too thematically heavy movies. Just so happens that most of these have been Disney movies that I've either not seen since my time in the Motherland (Mexico) or just in a long time.

My picks today will focus on three of those from what is known as the "Post-Renaissance" era. These are all movies that came out in the late 90's/early 00's in the wake of the more popular movies like THE LION KING, but that might have been aimed more towards boys or were not successful in the box office or both.

Check them out below!

I popped this one recently thanks to the fact that I thought it was the one cartoon movie starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but I was wrong. This one stars Michael J. Fox as a nerdy linguist Milo Thatcher who is a looking for Atlantis. When he gets roped up with a rich benefactor, he travels with a quirky crew of characters deep below the sea. This one was fun thanks to the various characters who all have very distinct personalities and the design of Atlantis itself. The animators and the designers were very successfully able to convey the look and feel of an ancient civilization. 

 I was hesitant to put this one since it seems that everyone and their mom knows about this movie and the whole "llama face!" scene seems to get passed around the old Tumblr. But nevertheless, this was considered to be one of the least successful movies during this time period. This movie is about Prince Kuzco, who is basically the most terrible person ever, becoming cursed by his closest advisor and is turned into a llama and hilarity ensues! This one takes the cake for being one of the most consistently funny movies that still holds up today. 

So, I think that this movie epitomizes this time frame. The movie was very obviously targeted towards the young boy demo and is literally a space pirate adventure movie, but failed to make any splash in the box office. This, along with ATLANTIS, was one of the many animated movies that was mixing CGI and traditional animation. The story is a pretty standard adventure and the plot is very predictable, but visually it's amazing. There is character who is a cyborg who has to be one of the most well-designed and functional characters. The voice acting with the likes of David Hyde Pierce playing alien Niles, Emma Thompson, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is really good. 

Hope you guys enjoyed these picks. Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

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