Tuesday, May 13, 2014

GODZILLA Love: All Toho Studio Movies Reviewed

GODZILLA (2014) is almost upon us. It is my most anticipated movie of the year as it looks like it's hitting all of the right notes as a proper GOJIRA homage. For those that may not remember or have followed this blog for a while, I did a series last year reviewing all of the GODZILLA movies (not including the 1998 American one). Given the movie comes out this week, I figured this could be a good time to check out the project to see how surprisingly versatile Godzilla as a symbol and a character is. Couple this with my post about all of the GODZILLA movies currently streaming, you should be ready for Thursday night!

 Check out the links after the break. The movies are listed in chronological order and separated by each respective "era."

Showa Era


Heisei Era

Millenium Era

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