Friday, June 6, 2014

Netflix Instant: Movie & TV Picks - Javi's Birthday Picks Edition

As is customary for these birthday editions, I will be posting about my favorite movies  new or otherwise that are currently streaming on both Hulu and Netflix. Check them out below!

One of the biggest surpsises of Fantastic Fest 2012, it is still an amazing action movie. Karl Urban is the most underrated action/sci-fi treasure we currently have right now. Here's hoping for a sequel.

This insane and psychedelic take down of the Happiest Place on Earth is still a creepy and strange movie. It definitely warrants repeated viewings. 

The movie that allegedly brought "steampunk" to the mainstream, it's just a good fantasy action movie. Guillermo Del Toro is the perfect man to bring Mike Mignolia's work to the big screen and while I personally like the sequel a little better, this is still an amazing movie.

This is one of the funniest dark comedies that can be 
I saw this when I was a wee lad. I'm not usually a fan of the slapstick "fall on your face" type of humor, but it's either nostalgia or the fact that I find Nathan Lane and Lee Evans hilarious, but this movie about a mouse that terrorizes a couple of brothers in their button factory is fun.

This is still one of the best things that Mandy Moore has ever done, AMERICAN DREAMZ notwithstanding. This movie came out at a time when I was one of those asshole atheists that was annoying about other people's religion. Anyway, despite all of this, it's a really funny satirical comedy with an amazing amount of heart. 


So this has been my favorite discovery of the last few weeks. This is a British comedy show co-created by Richard Ayoade from THE IT CROWD and director of SUBMARINE and THE DOUBLE. The premise is fictional author Garth Marenghi, a pompous Stephen King-esque character, who in the 80's created a supernatural hospital drama, Darkplace. The show is about him doing a retrospective of the show along with interviews with him and his publisher played Ayoade. The recreation of the 80's is astounding and it hilariously pokes fun at low budget horror and bad editing. The ADR will be off at times, you see strings during SFX shots, and the acting intentionally bad. It's the most fun I've had with a show in a long time.

Another Guillermo del Toro joint up in this list! But this is his debut and what would be the first of many awesome collaborations with Ron Pearlman. The movie deals with antique dealer who finds the "cronos" device which slowly turns him into a vampire-like creature and the eccentric millionaire trying to use it for himself. 

This is one of my all-time favorite horror movies. Made in the 1930's, it's technically a sound film but there's still an abundance of title cards. It's the story of a man who finds about vampires after staying in a remote village inn. The cinematography is always soft and a little blurry adding a very creepy vibe to the entire movie, in addition, there are a lot of impressive special effects with special props going to a scene where the protagonist imagines his own death. 

That's it, folks. Now excuse while I go and enjoy my birthday weekend.

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