Monday, June 2, 2014

The Local Haps: June 3rd - June 9th

This week seems to be a little more full of awesome movie events! From an acclaimed director's first new movie in two decades to a childhood classic, there's a lot of movies to keep you busy this week.

Tuesday, June 3rd
ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE: The seminal vampire movie starring Kiefer Sutherland, THE LOST BOYS screens tonight at 7:00pm

ANGELIKA DALLAS: The French Film Festival USA will screening various movies from today until Thursday, June 5th. Check out the festival's website for more information.

Thursday, June 5th
TEXAS THEATRE: BLUE RUIN ends its run at the Theatre tonight at 7:00pm and 9:00pm

Friday, June 6th
TEXAS THEATRE: This is where I will be Friday night. Alejandro Jodorowsky is now famous thanks to the documentary depicting his failed adaptation of Dune. Now, we have his first feature in 22 years with LA DANZA DE REALIDAD, which I understand is a surreal autobiography. At 9:45pm, they will be screening PING PONG SUMMER, about a ping pong tournament in 1985. Both of the movies will screen throughout the weekend. Check the website for additional times.

ANGELIKA DALLAS: As part of the Angelika After Hours, the theater will screen RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK at 11:30pm.

Saturday, June 7th
ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE: Today's a busy day. At noon, the amazing Jim Henson movie, THE DARK CRYSTAL as part of the Saturday Morning Monster Matinee series. As part of the Bondthology series, ON HER MAJESTY'S SERVICE,

Sunday, June 8th
ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE: As part of the June Dynamic Duo theme, we have MY LITTLE CHICKADEE which parts Mae West and W.C. Fields in what is considered one of the best comedic duos.

Monday, June 9th
ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE: Yet another installment of the AGFA secret screening series. It starts at 7:45pm, and as always unless you're looking at the Alamo's twitter account for hints, it will be a complete surprise.

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