Monday, July 21, 2014

The Local Haps: July 21st - July 27th

Sorry for the week long break, guys. I was in Canada on vacation and my tiny buddy was busy busting out reviewing for the recently completed Asian Film Festival of Dallas. You can check out her coverage here. Also beginning this week, the column will have the PICK OF THE WEEK! which as the name implies is the event that's got us excited the most and will most likely be attending. Check out the events below.

Monday, July 21st
Alamo Drafthouse: It's Rex Manning Day with a 7:30 pm screening of the only slacker comedy featuring Gwar as a hallucination, EMPIRE RECORDS.

Tuesday, July 22nd
Alamo Drafthouse: As part of the music-related programming this year, there will be a 7:30 pm screening of Cameron Crowe's classic ALMOST FAMOUS. Additionally, there will be 7:00 pm screening of THE MAN FROM NOWHERE thanks to Well Go USA!

Wednesday, July 23rd
Alamo Drafthouse: Tonight will be extra rad, first there's another Girlie Night PITCH PERFECT sing-along at 7:45 pm. But more importantly, there's a screening of the classic depressed, mopey, music nerd comedy HIGH FIDELITY at 7:15 pm.

Angelika Dallas: As part of the National Batman Day celebration (didn't know that was a thing, but whatever) the Angelika will screen a rad double feature of 1989's BATMAN and 2008's THE DARK KNIGHT starting at 7:00 pm. Tickets are available here.

Sundown At Granada: As part of the Wednesday night summer screening series, the Richard Linklater classic DAZED AND CONFUSED will screen at 8 pm and there will be drink specials.

Thursday, July 24th
Alamo Drafthouse: In yet another sad guy classic starring John Cusack, SAY ANYTHING will screen at 7:40 pm.

Texas Theatre: Tonight will feature a rad 35 mm print from AGFA of the hicksploitation Texas movie, PSYCHO TEXAS will screen at 9:15 pm. Austin Film Society programmer and former Weird Wednesday curator Lars Nielsen will be in attendance to

Friday, July 25th
Angelika Dallas: This week's After Hours movie will be classic horror movie AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, featuring what is still considered some of the best werewolf transformation effects. Movie starts at 11:30 pm and run through the weekend.

Texas Theatre: PICK OF THE WEEK!!! There will be a crazy amount of Twin Peaks-related stuff going down tonight. First and foremost there will be a special 35mm print screening of the Twin Peaks prequel, FIRE WALK WITH ME at 9:15 pm. Then after that, there will be a charity silent auction as well as a behind the screen show with local "synth punk" band (whatever, Pitchfork) Vulgar Fashion. Before all of this, the Dallas hip-hop documentary, WE FROM DALLAS screens at 7:00 pm.

Saturday, July 26th
Alamo Drafthouse: One of the best movies of all time that will ever exist GREMLINS, screens at 12:30 pm.

Sunday, July 27th
Alamo Drafthouse: Continuing the Marilyn Monroe tribute, there's a 12:30 pm screening of 1961's THE MISFITS. Then, there will be a pretty cool special evening with Bill Daniel, a local artist and old school punk who will be screening a documentary, various photos and videos as well as his Butthole Surfer short film. I'll be honest, I'm not too familiar with him, but this sounds like a rad time. All of this goes down at 7:00 pm.

Texas Theatre: Classic summer movie WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER (starring everyone that's funny and famous nowadays) will be screening at 5:00 pm and there will be a special 4:00 pm BBQ before the movie.

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