Friday, October 24, 2014

Netflix Instant: TV and Movie Picks

Was it me, or did this week feel super long and jam packed? Maybe it's just my work. In any event, if you're not starting your Halloween festivities early this week, then here are some great funny films for you to sink your teeth into.

I wasn't the biggest fan of Alex De La Igelsia's film THE LAST CIRCUS, but his next film, WITCHING AND BITCHING, I found a lot more fun. He has a dark sense of humor, and his films are always a visual feast. Though this film has some third act trouble, it's overall a very fun and funny ride. 

Why haven't I seen this movie until now? This film is such fun. It's a total movie lover's movie. It's extremely meta and pokes fun at the cheesy action movies of the 80's. There are some slow parts, but there are plenty of satire and jokes to keep this extremely entertaining. 

I completely wrote this film off as just another dumb comedy, but apparently I was wrong in my write off. All the buzz from the film was fairly positive, plus the makeup on Johnny Knoxville is quite impressive. Sometimes you just need a silly comedy to get you through the week. 

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