Monday, May 18, 2015

The Local Haps: May 19th - May 24th

Now that the constant torrential downpour has all but subsided in the Metroplex, the heat has come back in full force. Why not escape the heat with some awesome movie screenings? Check them out after the break! 

Tuesday, May 19th 
Alamo Drafthouse: In this month's Hopped Up Cinema, they'll be screening NACHO LIBRE and Deep Ellum Brewing Co. Though it's pricey, it also includes lots of beer with your ticket.

Wednesday, May 20th
Alamo Drafthouse: JEEEEEEEEEEEEEESUS CHRIST playing tonight at 7:00 pm with Jesus himself, Ted Neeley, in attendance. Then in addition, the original 1982 POLTERGEIST will play at 8:55 pm.

Thursday, May 21st
Alamo Drafthouse: CLUE is one of those movies I wish I had gotten to see when it first came out. The fact that each movie theater got a different ending would've been an awesome experience in a time without the Internet. But, if you're like Jonesy and you've grown up with it, then this quote along will be for you. The mystery starts at 8:00 pm.

Granada Theater: MEAN GIRLS is one of the great comedies of our times which is why a lot of my Facebook feed is coming to this $3 screening.

Texas Theatre: PICK OF THE WEEK! It's an ALIEN filled evening. Before the outer space adventures begin, there's a 5 pm screening of the Michael Fassbender Western, SLOW WEST. Then at 7 pm, there's THE DARK STAR: H.R. GIGER'S WORLD that deals with the visionary artist that gave us the Xenomorph. Then at 9 pm, there's a DCP screening of ALIEN.

Sunday, May 24th
Alamo Drafthouse: In honor of Memorial Day, there will be screening of the 1963 P.O.W. movie, THE GREAT ESCAPE. As the site mentions, it stars the almost illegally masculine trio of Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and James Cobur. And even better, part of the proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project. 

Granada Theater: This is one serious music double feature. First up there's the Coen Bros.' INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS at 2:30 pm and their earlier O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU? at 5 pm. Both are amazing movies in their own right but even better musical movies. While one is a character exploration of a truly bitter character, the latter is a Southern re-imagining of the Illiad but what they have in common is great and memorable musical numbers.

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