Friday, April 6, 2012

Most Anticipated DIFF Films of DIFF 2012- Jonesy Edition

Jonesy here with my highly anticipated films for the upcoming Dallas International Film Festival. Now I won't lie, there are many more movies I would love to add to this list, but Damon, Jessica, and Javi have them already on theirs. So needless to say there are some exciting films coming to Dallas in a few weeks. Surprisingly when putting together my list, I ended up with four documentaries. DIFF, for me, is always a place for me to see smaller docs that I wouldn't normally see.

So enough stalling...onto my list!

USA, 2012, 98 mins.
4/13, 7:00, Angelika Dallas
4/14. 10:00, Angelika Dallas

While I'm not always in the mood for a Rom Com, SAVE THE DATE features two of my favorite TV actresses, Alison Brie and Lizzy Caplan. They star as sisters trying to figure out life and love. Sure it sounds cliche, but the description says the film addresses the "truth and fear of Generation Y relationships". In the world of man-child-still-living-at-home-trying-to-find-his-way films we've been seeing, I'm interested to see a filmmaker's view of figuring out love as a Generation Y-er.

USA, 2011, 88 mins.
4/15, 5:30, Magnolia Theatre
4/19, 10:00, Magnolia Theatre

Morgan Spurlock isn't the most ground breaking documentarian out there, but I've always found his movies entertaining while touching on some interesting themes. With each film he creates, he actually gets better.  I'm excited to see his take on the ultimate nerd fest that happens in San Diego every year, Comic-Con. With Comic-Con becoming more and more popular, I'm hoping Spurlock, through following different people there like an artist, costume designer, and a hardcore fan, touch on how the convention has become less about comics and more about commercialization.

USA, 2012, 73 mins.
4/14, 1:45, Angelika Dallas
4/16, 5:00, Angelika Dallas

Unlike my cohort, I love me some sports, especially football. And I know, it's difficult thing to say sometimes, but I love my Cowboys. Yes, they've broken my heart for a while now, but I grew up loving them, and I can't help but cheer them on. So, when I heard about this documentary that chronicles some hardcore fans as they question  stadium opening and what it means for them, I was sold. Ah commercialism. I cannot wait.

USA, 2011, 90 mins.
4/14, 2:30, Northpark Mall
4/15, 8:30, Angelika Dallas

If you've been reading us for any amount of time, you know that I love me some dance movies. So, when I saw this documentary about young dancers competing at the Youth American Grand Prix, I was in. I believe dancers have always gotten a bad rap, but many don't realize the time and sacrifice it takes. I'm so stoked for this film.

USA, 2011, 91 mins.
4/15, 2:30, Magnolia Theatre
4/16, 7:00, Magnolia Theatre

Another thing I always geek out about is theatre. One of my favorite films from last year was MOST VALUABLE PLAYERS, a documentary about high school theatre. Now, this year, local theatre hero, Michael Urie (UGLY BETTY), comes back to North Texas to follow high school students as they prepare and compete in competitive acting competitions. My theatre nerd is squealing with joy in anticipation for this film.

Well, there you have it. Just a few of the many films I'm excited about this year at DIFF. Keep checking back here for all of our coverage. Hope to see some of you there, and if not, then we shall see you on the flip side!

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