Thursday, June 13, 2013

Full ELYSIUM Trailer Drops So Much Sassy Matt Damon

In a summer that seems to be filled with a post-apotcalyptic stories, ELYSIUM seems to be one of the few stand out thrillers. Maybe that's the biased towards director Neill Blomkamp, who directed one of my favorites, DISTRICT 9. In ELYSIUM, Blomkamp is back telling an allegorical story of class struggle with the poor having to live on Earth, but the rich live in a space city called Elysium.

We got a teaser trailer a couple months ago, but now we get a giant, full trailer which elaborates on more details of why Matt Damon is trying to get up to Elysium. This trailer could be filled with some plot spoilers, so I would steer clear if you want to go in completely blind.

But otherwise, check it out after the break!

YESS! I was amazed at what Blomkamp was able to do with his budget for DISTRICT 9, and now with three times that amount, ELYSIUM feels so dense and action packed. Sharlto Copley looks completely badass. I'm assuming he's some sort of muscle for Jodie Foster? Also, I very much enjoy sassy Matt Damon talking to the robot.

ELYSIUM will be released August 9, 2013, directed by Neill Blomkamp, and stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley, and Diego Luna. 

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