Tuesday, March 18, 2014

PEANUTS Trailer Has The Soullessness of an Insurance Commercial

I'll admit that PEANUTS, Charles Schulz's cartoon about a depressed boy plagued by hairloss and his dog, for the majority of my life have been nothing but marketing assets, undermining the supposed message behind the comic. Now it seems that Snoopy will take a break from shilling Metlife to star in a new animated movie in 2015.

Check out the trailer below via Vulture.

This trailer gives off the vibe of the lesser CGI animated movies like RIO. I do want to make note of the interesting style of CGI used here. It's reminiscent of stop motion animation or early Flash cartoons like HOME MOVIES.  I'm curious to know if there's any Peanuts fans out there that are excited to see this and why. At the very least Paul Feig is going to be the executive producer, and he's yet to steer us wrong.

PEANUTS comes out in 2015, and it is directed by Steve Martino.

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